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artist statement


artist statement



recent statements and texts

2010 even for color  
2009 I made a heap of all I could find  
2006 inventories and commentaries  
2003 mnemonic sights  
2000 accumulations at eye level  


Judaic statements and texts

2003 Henayni/Under the Covers


1998 commentaries in another language


1995 entering the Hebraic Zone


1991 ash into metaphor


notes on Judaic work, Jewish Museum of Australia Journal




statements on early work

1993 self-portrait in pieces  
1986 excerpts from the Shared Symbolic Order, Adelaide Festival  
1982 poem for Quantum Leaps show, Womens Art Movement  
1981 texts written on scroll for my time  
1981 text written on last section of scroll in 7 parts  
1977 butterfly collection  



New Visions New Perspectives, by Anna Voigt, artist text



New Art Seven, edited by Neville Drury



Sight Lines, by Sandy Kirby






articles written by Heather Ellyard about other artists
  Art & Australia (vol 40 no 2 2002) Craig Gough  
  Art & Australia (vol 36 no 4 1999) Emily Kame Kngwarrey  
  Art & Australia (vol 24 no 2 1986) Arthur Boyd  
  Artlink (vol 20 no 4 2000) Asher Bilu  
  Catalogue Essays  
    Ann McCall 2005
Sarah Tomasetti 1999, 2001, 2004
Wendy Stavrianos 1993

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